When you need surgery, trust the innovative and experienced surgeons and clinical staff at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. We deliver top quality, compassionate surgical care close to home.

Your best choice for surgical services

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center uses the latest medical technologies and techniques, including robotic surgery, in order to offer a wide range of inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures.

  • Inpatient procedures require admission to our hospital for a certain period of time.
  • Outpatient procedures are performed at the hospital and allow you to return home the same day.

Our multispecialty surgical team includes highly trained physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Our goal is to provide you with expert, personalized surgical care in an inviting and comfortable environment that promotes your health and recovery.

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center surgical specialties

In addition to general surgery, our hospital offers many surgical specialties, including:

  • Breast surgery
  • General surgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Gynecologic surgery
  • Minimally-invasive robotic surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Podiatric surgery
  • Prostate surgery
  • Spine surgery
  • Urogynecologic surgery
  • Urological surgery
  • Vascular surgery

Contact us

Call our Consult-A-NurseĀ® team 24/7 at (888) 685-1610 to find surgical specialists, schedule an appointment and learn more about surgical services at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center.