Discover the Spotsylvania Regional difference in rehabilitation services! We take a personalized, patient-first approach to therapy. No other patients share your appointment time with you and your therapist.

Our specialized staff helps you where you need it.

Age Is Just A Number

Whether your school–aged child fell playing soccer and injured his knee or you have a toddler whose speech is delayed. – We can help! Did you get injured at work? Do you have lymphedema? Have a joint replacement? Have you had a stroke? We pride ourselves on our specialized, highly experienced staff that can help you no matter what your issue.

You know what makes us unique? We're not an adult-only facility; in fact, we've treated patients ranging in age from infants to 86! There was such a great need for pediatric rehabilitation in our community that we stepped in to fill the void. And of course, we have the experience and equipment to help adults and geriatric patients as well.

We Do It All

We offer:

  • Comprehensive Lymphedema therapy in a private, quiet environment.
  • Sports and orthopedic injury rehabilitation (pre- and post-surgical): We help kids who got hurt playing sports, weekend warriors who took it a little too far, people who underwent knee replacement surgery—people with a whole range of orthopedic and sports medicine issues.
  • Neurologic Rehabilitation for all brain injuries including stroke, and cognitive or memory impairment: Brain injuries can affect everything from your mobility to your ability to swallow to your skill in balancing a checkbook. And Alzheimer's and other debilitating conditions affect your memory and functioning. We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy to help you function better.
  • Rehabilitation for work related pain/disability: We're proud to have a lot of hard-working people in our community -- but sometimes physical jobs (and even non-physical ones) can lead to back pain, neck pain, and other health woes. We're here to help.
  • Comprehensive Pediatric Therapy: If your child is delayed in sitting, standing, walking, talking, or other milestones, we can work to get her up to speed. We also help kids who have trouble in school due to ADHD, lack of organization skills, lack of handwriting ability, and other issues.
  • Adult speech therapy and swallowing dysfunction

The Spotsy difference: Experience what customer service and one on one care by skilled therapists can do for you!

We're easily accessible — a boon for people dealing with injuries. You don't have to navigate through the hospital...just park right at our front door and walk in.