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You're having a baby! Congratulations! We designed Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center's maternity services with you and your baby's health and comfort in mind. Check out what we offer—and you'll want to experience our luxurious delivery rooms, experienced and caring staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and parenting classes for yourself.

Some of the special services Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center offers include, but aren’t limited to:

  • 10 private labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum (LDRP) rooms with 24-hour family-centered maternity care
  • Low intervention birthing options; with use of various size birthing balls and peanut balls and use of whirlpool tub for laboring
  • 2 operating suites for cesarean delivery within the unit
  • Level II NICU with 24/7 provider coverage caring for preterm and high risk newborns
  • Labor and delivery nurses specialty trained and recertified in fetal heart monitoring
  • 24/7 in house anesthesia available for pain management
  • Secured unit with state-of-the-art infant security
  • Pre-appointment educational meeting with labor and delivery nurse (for scheduled cesarean sections)
  • Flexible visiting hours
  • Private bathrooms in each room
  • Flat screen televisions in each room
  • Comfortable sleeping arrangements for partner
  • Hospital-wide wi-fi
  • Free educational classes and tours
  • Board-certified lactation consultant to help you learn about infant feeding and the health benefits of breastfeeding
  • Social worker
  • On-site birth registrar
  • Mom365 photos, Mom365 is a newborn photography service that comes to our hospital to capture your baby’s first portrait and offers various newborn portrait packages for you to share with family and friends

The same, large comfortable room throughout your stay

We've put an end to the game of musical doors where you're continually moved from labor room to delivery room to recovery room. The large, comfortable maternity suites at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center are designed so that most mothers will labor, deliver and remain in the same birthing suite throughout the entire hospital stay. The physicians, nurses, and necessary equipment come to you. This system ensures that you and your family have the optimum privacy to share this very personal, intimate time together. This concept is called LDRP (labor / delivery / recovery / postpartum care).

After delivery

After delivery, you will experience family-centered care that puts your baby at your bedside, 24 hours a day. Your partner or designated support person can stay with you and your baby as long as you are in the hospital.

You and your baby will receive personalized attention. At all times, your nurse will be available to provide you with care, support and education. Our method of care enables our nurses to spend more time in your room when you need coaching, encouragement or advice.

Remember, at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, you have an experienced labor and delivery team ready to help you with needs large or small. We are honored to be your partners in care on your special day – and for a lifetime.

Baby stays with you...

At most hospitals, after a short time the staff whisks your baby away to do tests and measurements, and then baby stays in the nursery. At Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, we do all the necessary tests at your bedside, and baby stays with you during your entire stay so you can bond. What a perfect way to enjoy being together as a family for the first time!

...But only when you want him/her to

No matter how excited you are to be with your new baby, every new mom needs some time to rest after delivery. If you prefer, our experienced staff will care for your baby in the nursery so you can nap, and bring your little one back to you when you're ready.

Educational classes and tours

It's natural that as an expecting parent, you have lots of questions. We understand, and we're ready to help with answers on a variety of issues from diet and exercise to breastfeeding and caring for a newborn.

From formal childbirth classes to the bedside education provided by our staff, we’ll give you the information and training you need to feel confident and well-prepared. All of our classes are free of charge and are on a rotating basis throughout each month.

  • Labor Basics I & II
  • Labor Express
  • Baby Basics
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Tours of the labor and delivery suite with each class

You must register for classes in order to attend. To register, please contact Consult-A-Nurse at (888) 685-1610.

Browse our class offerings and register online.