Mental and behavioral health services in Central Virginia

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center offers acute inpatient treatment for people over 18 with a primary behavioral or mental health condition, from depression to psychosis. Our individualized plans of care prioritize safety, crisis stabilization and collaboration with outpatient treatment providers and while promoting patient empowerment and encouraging involvement of support systems.

24/7 Behavioral Health Access Line

Professional behavioral health clinicians are available 24 hours daily to answer the Crisis Line. Additionally, these clinicians conduct face-to-face needs assessments, consult with a psychiatrist and make appropriate treatment recommendations.

We care about you.

Because we have only 10 beds and are fully staffed at all times, we can offer you the personalized care you need. On top of that, all of our rooms are new and attractive, and are single-patient rooms—so you don't have to worry about privacy.

Our caring staff offers assessments and referrals to everyone who needs one—whether you're coming in from the ER or are a walk-in. The nurses who do the assessments are the same nurses who will be treating you in our center, so you can start building a rapport with them right away.

A full range of services to get you back to your life.

These are just some of the services our multi-disciplinary team offers to our patients to help them get well—and get back to their lives:

  • Medication Management: Our skilled staff makes sure you have the medications you need and that you know how to take them.
  • Supportive Medical Care: Our goal is to help get you back on your feet through medication, therapy, in-patient services, education, and group support.
  • Education Groups: We have experienced nurses who go over why, when, and how to take medication; nutrition experts who educate patients on eating healthfully; and a chaplain who leads groups on spirituality to help our patients get and stay well.
  • Activities Therapy: This gets patients up and moving for social and athletic activities. We've even had bocce ball in the hallway! This helps patients who have a hard time getting out of their room socialize and feel like part of a community.
  • Discharge Planning: When you're ready to go home, our staff will work with you to figure out how, where, and what else you need to go back to your family, job, and life.
  • Behavior Modification: We identify the triggers that can bring on a relapse and help you find alternatives to those triggers.
  • Group Therapy: The national standard for effective group therapy is eight to ten people. Since our hospital has ten beds, our group therapy sessions are at the optimal size to help you get the most out of them. We offer group therapy sessions all day long with short breaks in between so when you're ready to leave, you'll feel that you've gotten great care and treatment.
  • Pet therapy: Evidence shows that interaction with animals can improve mental and emotional functions and make people feel happier. A handler will guide interaction between a specially trained animal and our patients.
  • Psychoeducation groups: a form of therapy meant to educate patients about their particular condition while in a group with others who have the same condition; a deeper understanding of the condition can help patients learn what challenges they may face, which resources are available and how to cope better overall.

Counselors and staff who want to make a difference for you.

The mental health counselors and staff members at our new facility have many years of experience at other hospitals, and they put that experience to work to help you get well. Their number one concern is you and your overall well-being.

Partial hospitalization program for behavioral and mental.

There are different levels of care available to patients when it comes to mental and behavioral health treatment. Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center’s partial hospitalization program is a step below inpatient hospitalization but more intense than individual counseling. Patients are closely monitored and diagnosed, and there is comprehensive clinical treatment involved, but this level of care allows for some normalcy of everyday life versus 24-hour supervision.

The goal of our program is to empower each person to develop strategies that help them achieve emotional wellness by learning new ways to cope with stress, anxiety and depression.

This short-term mental health program is designed to help the client that:

  • Is an adult (18 and older)
  • May be experiencing behavioral or emotional difficulties
  • May have symptoms of depression, anxiety and/or other obstacles when functioning in everyday situations
  • Needs support to achieve short-term stabilization
  • Needs to develop coping skills, learn to manage stress, coaching for goal achievement and treatment compliance
  • Has recently had an inpatient psychiatric admission and needs to step-down to a structured support program

Partial hospitalization treatment components include:

  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Medication evaluation
  • Group, individual and family interventions
  • Life skills practice opportunities
  • Evidence-based recovery model

All our groups and sessions emphasize person-driven recovery strategies to facilitate recovery. Combinations of group therapy, individual therapies and closely monitored medication management have been validated by research to be one of the most effective forms of treatment for behavioral health illness.

Referrals and assessments:(540) 498-4344

Location: 4600 Spotsylvania Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA 22408