What makes a good volunteer candidate?

The main factors that determine a great volunteer are: a passion for customer service and a dedication to the community and the ability to be dedicated and committed is key in determining whether your schedule can handle volunteering. Some of our volunteers perform exceptionally well in balancing academic requirements, athletic endeavors, extra-curricular activities, employment, parenting, grandparenting, hobbies, and volunteering. Other volunteers struggle because they cannot balance volunteering with the other activities in their life. Before you submit an application, take stock of your activities and availability and determine whether a commitment to our patients and guests is one you can make at this time.

How old must I be to volunteer?

All volunteers must be 16 years of age on their first day of volunteering. There is no upper age limit, and many of our volunteers are actually in their 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Do you allow volunteers year round or only in the summer?

The Spotsylvania Regional volunteer program allows volunteering throughout the year, including during the school year, and accepts applications on a rolling basis.

What kind of commitment must I make?

By joining our volunteer team, you are committing to at least one scheduled four-hour shift per week, but you may increase your hours to as many as you’d like.

What kind of volunteer opportunities are available to me?

There are many different types of volunteer opportunities available at Spotsylvania Regional. Further discussion of these roles and how they match your interests will be done at the interview.

I want to volunteer with children and/or infants. What types of roles are available?

At this time, there are no volunteer opportunities that exclusively deal with children/infants at Spotsylvania Regional. Most of our roles deal with individuals representing all age groups.

Are there roles that involve interaction with patients?

Almost every role at Spotsylvania Regional has at least the potential of patient interaction. Some of the roles on the patient care units involve a significant amount of patient relations, while others may only communicate with patients in passing. Your comfort level around patients and guests is one of the many topics that will be discussed in the interview.

Are shifts available on weekends? During evenings?

Volunteer opportunities are available mornings, afternoons, and evenings, every day of the week.

I am under 18. Will my parent/guardian need to attend the interview or orientation with me?

No. Only the applicant will need to attend the interview/orientation.

What is the application process like?

Becoming a volunteer at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center starts with completing an application. You may download an application on the hospital website or pick one up at the facility. Once the completed application and two reference forms are received, you will be called for an interview. At the interview, we will discuss your interests, decide on a role and a weekly scheduled shift, and discuss the next steps in the process.

These next steps include a background check, verification of immunizations, TB testing, a flu shot (in season), and orientation. The entire process can take as few as two weeks or as many as six weeks, depending on your schedule and the date of the next orientation.

How do I turn in a volunteer application?

Applications can be turned in at the front desk at Spotsylvania Regional, or mailed to Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, ATTN: Quincey Garcia, 4600 Spotsylvania Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22408.

What do I do with the reference forms?

Give the reference forms to adults who have known you for at least one year and are not related to you. Ideal choices include work colleagues, neighbors, coaches, church members, and employers. If you are still in high school, one reference must be from a current teacher or guidance counselor.

Completed reference forms can be returned with the application or can be mailed to:

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center
ATTN: Quincey Garcia
4604 Spotsylvania Parkway, Suite 100
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

My immunization records are long gone or incomplete. How can I verify my immunizations?

Immunization records will be discussed at the interview. If you are in high school or college, we will accept an immunization record from your doctor or school. If you are beyond college years, we will draw blood (at no charge to you) to determine what immunizations you may have received in the past. If you were born prior to 1957, you will fill out a form attesting to which diseases/immunizations you may have experienced. In all three cases, it is highly unlikely you will need additional immunizations, and any blood tests will be done at no cost to you.

Where do I get my TB tests?

All volunteers will have two TB tests done prior to starting. If a volunteer has taken a TB test within the last year and can submit proof of a negative TB test, s/he will only need to take one additional test. Those who have tested positive (or who will test positive) for TB will be provided a chest x-ray in lieu of a TB test. All TB testing is done at Spotsylvania Regional at no charge to the applicant. The process and procedure will be discussed in the interview.

What about flu shots?

Volunteers are strongly recommended to get flu shots during the flu season, which runs from September through March. Flu shots will be offered free at Spotsylvania Regional.

How often are orientation sessions held?

Orientation sessions are generally held once per month. The dates and times of upcoming orientation sessions will be discussed in the interview. The dates and times of upcoming orientation sessions will be discussed after the interview.

Does the Spotsylvania Regional volunteer program have any short-term or one-time volunteer opportunities?

Given the effort and expense involved in bringing a volunteer into our team, we require that all volunteers pledge to a commitment of at least 100 hours by volunteering one four-hour shift per week. We do have a few occasions where the Spotsylvania Regional volunteer team welcomes the assistance of outside individuals. Please email quincey.garica@hcahealthcare.com if you are interested in helping in these instances. Note that there are no short-term opportunities to volunteer inside the hospital.

Are volunteer opportunities available for court-ordered volunteering?

The Spotsylvania Regional volunteer program does not offer opportunities for court-ordered volunteering or volunteering as part of a court sentence. No verification or acknowledgement of hours will be provided to those looking to fulfill a judicial requirement.

I can’t make a commitment of 100 hours. Can I still volunteer?

We ask all volunteers to make a commitment of 100 hours. Rare exceptions may be granted for college students who wish to volunteer during their summer breaks. If you wish to volunteer but do not believe you will be able to reach the 100 hour commitment, please email quincey.garica@hcahealthcare.com before completing the application.

Can I volunteer with a friend, sibling, or other family member?

Absolutely. Over the history of the Spotsylvania Regional volunteer program, many friends have volunteered together, as have brothers, sisters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, mothers and sons, mothers and daughters, and grandparents and grandchildren. Some volunteer on the same unit, while some split up and go to different areas. The only limitation on pairing friends and family members together is availability and scheduling.

What do I wear? Is there a volunteer uniform?

All Spotsylvania Regional volunteers wear a volunteer uniform top, consisting of a polo shirt and the volunteer tshirt can be worn by Emergency Department volunteers and Marketing department volunteers. There will be optional tops consisting of charcoal cardigans and charcoal sleeveless vests. All volunteer tops will be worn with dress pants, such as khakis, and you will need to wear closed toe shoes. Uniforms may be purchased on your first day of volunteering or after orientation. Details about the cost of the uniform be discussed at orientation.

Will I be able to shadow a doctor or nurse?

The volunteer department does not provide opportunities to shadow a member of the clinical staff.

Can I observe procedures?

The volunteer department does not provide opportunities to observe procedures.

Will I come in contact with blood or body fluids?

While any role in the hospital has a small chance of contact with blood or body fluids, the role of volunteersdoes not include tasks that involve such substances.

I am a nurse or nursing student looking for experience. Can I get clinical experience as a volunteer?

Volunteers do not perform clinical tasks, and are not permitted to take vital signs, perform tests, or practice CPR.

Will I receive a meal break?

All volunteers performing a four hour shift are entitled to a break of 25 minutes. During this break, you may visit our Spotsy Café, where free meals are offered to volunteers who have performed at least three months of service. More details about the meal benefit will be discussed at orientation.

I am looking for a job at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. Does volunteering guarantee me employment?

No. While you will gain experience in the hospital environment while serving our patients, guests, and staff, the volunteer service you provide is offered without the guarantee of remuneration or employment. To search for a job at Spotsylvania Regional, go to spotsrmc.com/careers/search.dot

Will I be able to receive a reference letter or verification of my volunteer hours?

Volunteers who have provided at least 100 hours of service and are in good standing are eligible for hours acknowledgment and reference letters.

I don’t drive in snow or ice. Can I still volunteer?

While we greatly appreciate your service and count on your passionate commitment to our customers, we want to make sure that you are safe in inclement weather. Volunteers are asked to stay home if they believe that poor weather conditions may make it difficult to attend their weekly shift.

I do not live in Virginia year round, or use the summer (or winter) to visit grandchildren. Can I still volunteer?

Volunteers who can give us three seasons per year are quite welcome at Spotsylvania Regional. We may not always be able to accommodate individuals in the same role and same time, but we will do our best to find an opportunity that fits your schedule and desires. We will discuss your availability in the interview.

What if I miss a shift?

Our volunteers are asked to minimize callouts and absences, and make up all missed shifts within 30 days of the absence.

What type of benefits will I receive as a volunteer?

As many realize, the satisfaction rate for volunteering is quite high, but the pay rate for volunteering is quite low. However, we value the effort of each and every volunteer and have built an outstanding benefit list that matches the dedication of our fine team members. Current benefits of volunteering include:

  • Recognition at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Event, held in April.
  • Free flu shots in the fall.
  • Recommendation letters upon request (after completion of 100 hours of service).
  • A free meal during your volunteer shift.
  • Inclusion in hospital-wide events
  • Occasional gifts, food, and prizes, as appropriate

How many volunteers are currently in the program?

The Spotsylvania Regional volunteer program generally has 160-180 active monthly volunteers during the school year and 190-210 active monthly volunteers during the summer.

Are there leadership opportunities available?

Yes. The Spotsylvania Regional volunteer program has numerous leadership opportunities for both adults and teens. Leadership roles are available in some of our many projects as well as on our Volunteer Leadership Board.

I have additional questions. Who can I contact?

Please contact Quincey Garcia at quincey.garica@hcahealthcare.com