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Pediatric Friendly Emergency Care

Why Choose a Pediatric Friendly ER?

Pediatric emergency needs are unique. Equipment, procedures, treatments and even medications can be different for young patients compared to adults. Choosing a child-friendly ER means your child has access to specialists that understand your child’s physical and mental needs during a medical emergency.

Consult a Nurse 24/7

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center is proud to offer our patients access to some of the most experienced ER pediatricians in the region, giving your child access to outstanding emergency care in Fredericksburg. We understand children are different, which is why we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure their visit to our emergency room is as comforting and safe as possible.

Why Our ER Pediatric Care Is Special

  • The only community-based pediatric emergency room in the region staffed by a board-certified pediatric-trained physicians, hospitalists and nurses
  • Nurses with special training and certification in pediatric care
  • Access to doctors and nurses specially trained in caring for children of all ages
  • Partnering with local pediatricians to provide continuity of care
  • Family-friendly environment with pediatric beds separated from the adult ER area
  • Advanced technology — specifically designed for children

Administering Medication, Safely

The hospital's emergency room has installed the Broselow Artemis System to ensure the proper dosing and administration of drugs to children. Pediatric dosing can be difficult, especially in emergency situations, and the Broselow Artemis System allows medical professionals to instantly access proper dosing, improve the speed and accuracy in acute preparation and administration of drugs, reduce medical errors and standardize pediatric dosing so that we can provide our young patients with high-quality care.

Above all else, your child’s safety is our priority during treatment.

What If My Child Is Hospitalized?

Sometimes, hospitalization may be needed for ongoing observation and treatment after a visit to the emergency room. If your child needs to stay overnight at our hospital in Fredericksburg, you can rest a little easier knowing they are in good hands.

As part of our effort to make their stay as comfortable we:

  • Encourage 24-hour parental visitation
  • Promote family-friendly care for children admitted to the hospital

Your child's safety and security is of the utmost importance to us. Our pediatric units are secured, which means our doors are locked and visitors must call from a phone outside the door for access. Video cameras are posted so nurses can monitor hallways and doors.

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